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Over 90% of all search engine traffic comes from 10 internet portals. If you are not near the top of the listings for those search engines, you aren't going to get any meaningful traffic.

Search engine optimization is simply the the use of search engines to draw traffic to a web site. It can also be referred to more generally as search engine marketing. SEO usually involves attaining a higher ranking in search engines and directories via changes to your site code to make it more relevant and therefore more search engine compatible. It also involves linking. Links from directories are generally of higher value. Links from FFA sites are frowned upon and may sometimes prove negative. Links from strong industry sites are most highly cherished.

If you need search engine optimization there is no better choice than 5Fish. Now serving British Columbia in Victoria, Duncan & Vancouver. Our focus is organic SEO in Canada. Contact 5Fish.

Search Engine Optimization Services (Simple)

  • Manual Search Engine and Directory Registration. Directory and Advertising Fees Extra.
  • Simple site source makeover to help you achieve position with the search engines (meta tags, body text structure, tags).
  • 5Fish offers traffic packages from multiple site banner advertising opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization Services (Complex)

  • Before and after site analysis.
  • Achieve an understanding of your site's target audiences and business goals.
  • Conduct Keyword & Key Phrase Research, Analysis and Strategy.
  • Analyze the search performance status of your web site and provide recommendations for improving performance.
  • Increase your site's link popularity.
  • Manage site's submissions to the major search engines and directories.
  • Development of rich content to highlight your most important keywords in the search engines.
  • Provide maintenance of all strategies for contract year.
  • Managing the Pay-Per-Click programs, such as Overture, Looksmart and Google AdWords.
  • Optimization and submission to foreign-language search engines. At least one page should be translated.
  • Submitting to industry-specific engines and directories.
  • Creating a linking campaign that includes link exchanges and paying for appropriate directory and industry links.

Call for a quote.

Note: Search engine position cannot be guaranteed. Price and results dependent on competition. Submission does not guarantee inclusion. Choice of search engine and directories may change or vary according to client business type.

BC SEO PRICING GUIDE - Call 705-842-6394
One Time Effect
SEO Lite
3 Months Minimum w/Reporting
6 Months Minimum w/Reporting
12 Month w/Reporting
$349 - $449 +up/yr
(min 1 yr contract)
$1200 +up
$2100 +up
$3900 +up

Rates vary according to competition and/or site modifications required.

Search Engine Marketing includes many facets of web development. Linking is perhaps the biggest factor. How your URL looks in the address bar is a another large factor which determines success or failure of a domain.

SEO continues to evolve, which these days means we all need to accept that getting top ten placements for competitive terms will not happen overnight nor in one month or even two.

Your task as a responsible SEO consumer is to do careful due diligence in selecting an optimization company. Expect your optimization results to improve gradually over time.

Overnight SEO success is no longer a reality but don't let that get you down. It's still worth doing... only now it's worth doing well.

Our search engine optimization contract allows for a deposit and payments at 3 month intervals. Opt out at any 3 month interval after 6 months. We guarantee results you can take to the bank! We know what works for different segments of business. Resorts, real estate, shopping, all kinds of sites. What works in Yahoo, will not work in Google. What works for Google may or may not work for Yahoo. Search engine optimization is ongoing. We are accepting clients from Toronto, Vancouver, Arizona, Barrie, Muskoka Ontario, Canada, USA, but ... we can help anyone, anywhere, with any product at anytime!

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