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By purchasing hosting services from 5Fish, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:


In order to insure uninterrupted service to your website, the service contract will automatically renew unless cancelled by the site owner. Cancellation must be received by via email at least two weeks prior to the date of renewal. will acknowledge the cancellation notice within 24 hours of receipt. If you do not receive acknowledgement, please contact a representative as soon as possible.

Refunds - refunds are available within the first 30 days of hosting minus any setup or domain registration fees. After 30 days, no refund is offered or promised. Refunds for annual payments will be made for hosting months not used.

Acceptable Use Policy

5Fish Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to any site at our sole discretion. Although we do not believe in censorship, 5Fish does not allow the following types of sites:

Websites containing pornographic material
Racist or hate-related websites
"Warez" sites, including but not limited to any copyrighted software or music files.
Sites which provide methods for circumventing copy protection ("cracks", keycodes, serial numbers, decoder chips, etc...) are also not permitted.
Any other content which is not legal in the Canada.

Unsolicited Email (SPAM) and Bulk Email

5Fish will not host websites which are advertised through unsolicited email, excessive newsgroup crossposting, or off-topic newsgroup posts. What is considered spam is determined at the sole discretion of 5Fish. Sites in violation of this policy will be shutdown without refund of any kind. In addition, any Bulk Emailing that adversely affects the performance of our shared mailservers will be either discontinued or moved to one of our List Server Plans, depending on the exact volume of messages being sent.

Website Development Terms & Conditions

At the descretion of the customer, 5Fish will work by hour or by contract. All work, unless for established customers with credit, will require a 50% deposit. 5Fish will make every effort to satisfy every customer and keep the customer informed every step of the development process. Itemized invoices, frequent updates and customer input are all necessary to achieve success for the customer and 5Fish. 5Fish will not provide refunds for web development work already completed. Approvals will be sought at points along the development process. Sign offs on contracts will be required for new customers.

Domain Registrations are non-refundable. Software and hardware purchases, whether proprietary or developed are not refundable. Directory and advertising purchases for any domain or any product are not refundable.

Our customer retention rate is over 98%. We do everything we can for our customers and even at our age, we still bend over backwards!

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