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Link Myths

A high value is being placed on the number of links (and quality) pointing to a website. As a result, most webmasters have realized the importance of finding partners to link to their Internet business.

Although link exchanges are vital to any marketing plan, there are some myths that are perpetuated by many so-called "experts". To run a smart link exchange campaign, it is important to understand these myths and make sure that you do not fall for them.

Quality Links

In order run a smart link exchange program, it is important to focus on linking to sites that are closely related to your product or service without being a direct competitor.

Monitor Your Links

When exchanging a link, be sure that your link goes on an accessible page on the website you are trading links with. Check that link monthly to make sure that your link is still valid. Track your links using an automated linking database. Many sites exchange links, then remove the site, move the link or delete the link altogether - a practise intended to increase the number of one way links to their site and therefore increase their rank. This is becoming quite prevalent.

The Title

Search engines, especially Google, pay attention to the title of the link pointing towards your site. So, if you are looking for top placement for specific keywords, then they should be used in the title of the link instead of your website name.

Google Page Rank

Many sites will not link to an Internet business unless it has a certain "Google Page Rank". But at some point, every site has started out with a low page ranking. So how did they get a high ranking if no one would link to them in the first place?

Instead of focusing on a page rank, many successful websites look instead at the quality of the Internet business. If it is evident that the webmaster has taken the time to create a quality site, then you can assured that a high ranking will eventually happen!

Bring Order Your Links

Instead of dumping your links onto a single page, you can help both your partners and visitors by creating a directory. Here, you place each link partner into a specific category. It helps the visitor!

Using Automatic Link Exchange Programs

There are a lot of great link exchange websites that automate the process of finding links that help your search engine rankings. Look for sites where directories have *.htm or *.html extensions. Avoid sites that use the "black hat" technique of redirection. Focus your mouse over a link. if the link points to a website address, then it will usually make a good link. Check the source code of the page - edit / view source / and search for your domain name. Make sure it has an "<a href=" in front of the link.

For instance, and are two excellent sites that allow you to shop for link partners. When you find sites that are complementary, you add them to your "basket" and the link exchange websites sends out an automatic email requesting the link. These two sites allow you to save time, while avoiding the "black hat" techniques that are prevalent among many automatic-linking services.

While exchanging links can be a time-consuming process, it is well worth the effort. By taking time to properly link to complementary websites, you will find that your rankings in important keywords will improve.


About the Author:
Scott Patterson brought his online store: to the top of the Google search engine by exchanging links.

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